Protocol: Automated WHT recovery

Automated withholding tax recovery

Protocol is a web based software platform that minimizes the time, effort, and expense required for preparing and filing WHT refund claims, while at the same time increasing the WHT recovery revenue.

Faster claim filing

Checking for claims, and filing claims becomes a matter of hours instead of days or weeks

Reduce cost per claim

Automation makes for reduced cost per claim filing

Improved claim quality

Protocol validates data before importing, your claims will improve noticeably

Taxology: The future of tax

Taxology is a Dutch fintech start-up, established in 2016 by Jeroen van der Wal and the CAAPA Group.

Jeroen is an experienced international tax adviser and has advised many pension funds on optimizing their global withholding tax (“WHT”​) recovery.

The CAAPA Group is an accomplished IT solutions company which has set up several successful companies based on software platforms.

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