Effortless and efficient

Protocol takes the effort and inefficiencies out of WHT recovery. Checking for claims, and filing claims becomes a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.

Improved WHT recovery

Protocol reduces the cost per claim to the bare minimum. No claim will go unnoticed and even small claims are now worth pursuing, so your recovery performance will improve noticeably.

Always in control

Protocol’s special features like claim expiration date warnings, real-time claims status overview, team task assignment and activity log book give you full control.

About Protocol

Protocol is a web based software platform that automates global withholding tax (“WHT”) recovery. It is a cloud solution, securely accessible from any place in the world that has an internet connection.

For whom did we design Protocol?

Protocol has been designed for pension funds. In addition to pension funds, it can be used by pension investment managers, custodians, and tax advisors who are responsible for the WHT recovery of pension funds.

Why did we design Protocol?

There is no global standard procedure for WHT recovery. The right to a reduction or refund of WHT, the recovery procedure, the documentation requirements and the statutes of limitations are different in every country, and change periodically. This makes it virtually impossible for pension funds and their investment managers, custodians, and tax advisors to get a solid grip on WHT recovery. As a result, pension funds are missing out on WHT refund opportunities, on a very large scale. Our extensive and in-depth experience in WHT recovery for pension funds has shown us the path to the solution to this problem: Protocol.


Protocol intuitively guides pension investment managers through automated global WHT recovery. Depending on whether or not investments are pooled, the recovery process comprises three or four steps.

Add pool participations (optional)

Pool participation ownership data (excel / csv) is uploaded into Protocol. This can be done on a monthly or even daily change in ownership basis.

In the background…

  • Protocol rewrites and verifies the pool data to create a file that is tax compliant and compatible with all dividend data

Import dividend data

Dividend data (excel / csv) is uploaded into Protocol. Not all dividend data sheets are formatted equally, therefore Protocol will try to match the headers from the datasheet. If the headers don’t match up you can manually assign them to your datasheet.

In the background…

  • Protocol learns and stores any manual changes for a next import to speed up the import process
  • Protocol applies and calculates dividend data sheets against pool participations ownership
In depth information

Select claim country and claim year

Protocol will generate a claim overview after a succesful import of dividend data. This overview shows which countries have refundable WHT based on the imported data. The overview also shows already claimed taxes and submission deadlines.

In the background…

  • Protocol has already created compliant documents and datasheets for the tax author
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Submit claim

Protocol will inform you which documentation is required to complete the refund claim. When the documentation is complete the claim is ready to submit and Protocol will show you a summary. Pressing submit will initiate the claim and store all files in the cloud.

In the background…

  • Protocol learns and stores any permanent fields for a next import to speed up the import process
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Interested in automated WHT recovery?

Protocol is a two-edged sword that minimizes the time, effort, and expense required for preparing and filing WHT refund claims, while at the same time increasing the WHT recovery revenue.